A ragtag group of New York nomads,  Gallons Of Pork blurs the lines between genres with versatile music that’s highly addictive, loaded with chemicals, packaged and ready to serve. Their original music feature songs that incorporate their improvisational & multi-genre instincts into the freshest new sound you could hope for from farm to table.

Gallons, an Eastern US touring act, is coming off of their Mysterious Glowing Orb Tour [July 2017] in support of their sophomore album ‘It Might Be Beans‘ [April 2016] and to promote a new EP ‘Fear and Common Sense‘ [July 2017]. Videos from the road, featuring live songs and antics, is being released in a series “Porkumentary” (available below). Ripping through a host of varied venues, ranging from huge stages with crazy lighting, to southern honky tonks, to rock n roll dive bars, they are bringing their original repertoire and a haram of covers showcasing their influences; ranging from classics like Screaming’ Jay Hawkins and Led Zeppelin to Ween and Fuzz.

The band and its members have quite a bit of touring experience and have opened for Mayday ParadeThe Ready SetSammy Adams, Samurai Pizza Cats, and Next to None.

It Might Be Beans’ [released on Elbow Drop Records in April 2016] is a sonic-adventure that ranges from the weird to even more bizarre. The album serves up a collection of tales for characters from another world that is situated uncomfortably close to your own – like the sleazy collegiate “Professor Pork,” the roided bodybuilder “Massive Arms” Mark, and action movie legend (and now enemy of the Ukraine) Steven Seagal – all blended with the concept of a never-ending jam told in snippets of musique concrete.

Stumbling into a chance opportunity after a friend booked them headlining a live show at a local house party; Gallons Of Pork quickly legitimized themselves after beginning as a comical concept shared only between four friends.  After dominating the show, the rush of support for their brash new sound inspired this group of music students from SUNY Oneonta to continue jamming and hamming it up in the studio and on tour, all in pursuit of bringing the Pork to the people! They released their debut EP ‘Meat The Band,’ recorded in their school’s studios in April 2015, followed by their sophomore LP ‘It Might Be Beans’ in April 2016.

With intense music-theory backgrounds and an attitude fueled by sarcasm and perversion, Gallons of Pork combine extreme elements of metal, jazz, punk, funk and more into massive instrumental jams and innovative, improvised songs designed to shake the hanging meat right off the hooks.  Currently comprised of the ruthless talents & skills of Joe Kap (Vocals, Guitar), Mo LaMastro (Guitar), Frankie Cicciarello (Bass), Mike Sanbeg (Drums), and producer Peter Grancio (Vocals, Misc.) – Gallons Of Pork are making meaty music for mass consumption.


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