Gallons of Pork EPK


Gallons Of Pork blurs the lines between genres with versatile and high-energy music that’s highly addictive, loaded with chemicals, packaged and ready to serve. The sui generis universe of Gallons of Pork features bizarre caricatures and zany tonality, with a sound that teeters atop the precarious point between magnetism and chaos. Their songs tell stories – wacky tales of the band and their encounters in a world that they never asked to be born into. Their music is more like a menu – an artisan blend of the extreme elements of rock, jazz, punk, funk metal and more.

The band is currently recording their third album, The Third Annual Phram Dongleson Memorial Hot Dog Eating Contest (mixed/mastered by Ray Marte of Moontooth) for a digital and vinyl release in summer 2020, with 8 smoldering tracks that incorporate their improvisational & multi-genre instincts.  ‘Til then the band is releasing four promotional singles: “Toe Sucker,” “Ghost Ship ((RE:BORN)),” Theme From Mar-a-Lago,”  and “AC Cleanse.” They continue to play out regionally and release original music videos, plus they recently put out a tour diary video series on YouTube from their 2017 east coast Mysterious Glowing Orb Tour; they are dedicated to their content in a glorious effort to unite the freaks and take over the world. 

Beginning as a comical concept shared only between four friends, Gallons Of Pork quickly legitimized themselves after stumbling into a chance opportunity when a friend booked them to headline a local house show. After dominating the show, the rush of support for their brash new sound inspired this group of music students from SUNY Oneonta to continue their pursuit of bringing the Pork to the people! They released their debut EP Meat The Band, recorded in their school’s studios in April 2015, as a collection of ideas that sums up their sense of humor in their early house show days. This was followed up with their sophomore effort It Might be Beans in April 2016, a sonic-adventure that ranged from the weird to even more bizarre. The album features songs that blended with the concept of a never-ending jam told in snippets of musique concrete. Each piece of musique had a corresponding video released on YouTube.

Gallons of Pork is currently comprised of Petey Pesto (Producer, Vocals, Guitar), Mo LaMastro (Guitar), Frankie Krungus (Bass, Vocals), Mike Sandbag (Drums) and Bobby Keys (Keys/Misc). It’s a recipe to shake the hanging meat right off the hooks.

For fans of: Frank Zappa, Ween, Primus, Mr. Bungle, Weird Al.
Ghost Ship ((RE:born)) – TTAPDMHDEC
Professor Pork – It Might Be Beans